Real Driving 3D

Realistic Stunts 3D (Real Driving 3D)

The exceeding lovers of driving car later on desire to have some strange stunts with car but children & youngers can’t, if do face problems but the smartphone has been abundantly used that have solved this issue now youngers as well as elder may be benefited or motivated because they are fond of playing games Included vehicle and so on but the game parallel to the wishes of players fulfilled with real fun along with its tremendous features and 3D graphics named Real Driving 3D.

Real driving 3D game has been listed in the world best-awarded games that’s 3+ rated, 4.2 (249K) reviewed and downloaded by 10 Million+ users. This amazing game was released on 26 November 2014  by  Ovidiu Pop after GTA 5 Android (Grand Theft Auto 5) published. It’s a game played in Android OS (Operating System) and latest updated version 1.6.1 has been released on 10 February 2017. The downloaded size/ space consuming size isn’t high but 54.59 MB means 55 Mbs. The first try of realistic stunts game pleasure you of dreamed car racing on Different roads of Different Map by its interior graphics along with car side and rear mirrors, steering wheel, gears and drifting brake/ hand brake even it is very flexible and easy to understand.

Each of the car indoor is set different. If Real Driving 3D is considered to be similar to other car games under functionalities and features, display the real scenarios of car driving and roads included buildings, Shops, Malls but only to drive a car no any other activity could be performed.

Note: Turn the permissions on of body sensors, Calendar, Camera, Location, Microphone, Phone, SMS and storage after installation of the game before playing in your Smart Phone.

Real Driving 3D

Features of Real Driving 3D:

Basically the number of Features programmed in Real Driving 3D game but Few of them are as under:
  • INDOOR CAR DISPLAY: The Dashboard of each car designed different seemed like 100% real dash with gears, LCD, Speed meter, rear, and Side mirrors those are not merely for display, to tell the truth, it also shows covered way and the way from interior of car could be viewed perfectly according to its margins.
  • CAR CUSTOMIZATION: Mostly this feature lies in a lot of games but in realistic Stunt game little different due to the interior customization become different of each car and in a large number of colors as well as different wheels.
  • AUTO AUDIO STOP: The lovers of car driving games desire of listening to music and songs of his or her wish when music on from Smartphone automatically the sound and music of game will be paused.
  • WINDSCREEN WIPER: Self-Acting of changing of seasons is the best feature of ever as compared to GTA V the Seasons do not automatically change. When raining, switch the Wiper turn on.
  • STUNNING WORLD SCENARIOS WITH 3D GRAPHICS: The buildings at the side are 3D graphically programmed like real.
  • GAS AND REPAIR STATION: Gas and Repair Station, the most attractive feature felt pleasure to play as driving in real. These both stations purpose when the Car is damaged and the engine is likely to be finished, the repairing room is used and after the long drive the gas goes low, a gas station is used.
  • RECORD & LEVELS: The levels are locked so long as the record is unachieved. The record basis on km (Kilometers), as many as the car is driven kilometers are stored in the record as achieved, Levels Unlocked.
  • DRIVING CONTROLS: 3 controls programmed included;

-Tilting works with body sensor.

-Button work with touch

-Steering Wheel work with scrolling steering Wheel.

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