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Top 3 Time Killer Games to Play in 2021

While the world is jumping in terms of the technological advancements and breakthroughs that we have got in the recent few years when it comes to gaming. And we now have so many games to choose from that it literally becomes so hard to decide.

And although we can play most of the games right on our PC and even mobile phones, sometimes we just want to try out something new and something that just loads right up and helps us KILL TIME! I know you’ve been in situations like these, I’ve been in situations like these, so why not we got through some of the best time killer games to play in 2021.

Word Wipe

I am a big fan of puzzle games as they provide you with a challenge that just pushes you to do more, think more, and try hard to solve it. And while the internet is filled with a slew of puzzles games, Word Wipe is one of my favorite games to play online when it comes to killing time in the most fun way possible.

Word Wipe - Spelling Puzzle Game
Source: outspell.net

The excitement and the thrill that you feel while playing this game make it so unique. The time’s always ticking so you need to think on your toes and just go for it. Definitely a brain booster and a TIME killer!

Magic 8 Ball Online

Next up we have the Magic 8 Ball that comes from years back but thanks to the internet, you can try this popular fortune-teller of a ball right from your browser. And while I don’t really believe in any of these things, playing this is a super fun experience as it has some of the hilarious answers to your questions.

Whether you are alone or with your friends, this can totally help you have a fun time while making you laugh at what it has to say about your future.

World’s Hardest Game

Now that you have that additional time on your hands, you should certainly check out the world’s toughest game ever, since what better way to spend it than by challenging yourself with something that is so challenging that even the name says it is the worlds’ hardest game!


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