Random Groups Generator
Random Groups Generator

Essential Tools for Students [Online Classes]

In times like these, where everyone has to stay at home and attend their classes online managing time plays an important role in deciding your grades. If we were to go with classic methods of studying without the use of technology when everyone else is adapting to the new normal of studying which is using technology for your advantage as a student or even as a teacher.

Now we need to improvise and adapt to these new norms otherwise we’d be left behind. So, in this article, we are going to look at some of the essential tools that are available for free that can help us be more productive and save our precious time.

Random Groups Generator

Now there are times when managing your homework gets kind of frustrating and we just lose track of what we need to do especially if we have a lot of stuff to do within a tight timeline so it’d be better if we started arranging the things we need to do in groups and then complete them one at a time.

There is a handy tool called Random Group Generator that lets you divide different objects into groups or teams if we are talking about people. And as far the usage is concerned, using this tool is very easy all you need to do is just put in all your tasks and also the number of groups you want to divide them into and hit the generate, That’s it!

Random Choice Generator

The other tool we have here is the Random Choice Generator which can come in handy if you are indecisive and need help with making a decision like picking up a task that you want to start with or even with the Multiple Choices Questions, see? The possibilities are endless. You can also combine the two tools together to make divide different tasks within groups and use this tool to pick out one of them and start with it.

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