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Dungeons & Dragons Backgrounds and Character

Typically a background provides fine details about the Character of the Dungeons and Dragons. Characters are the one which plays a pivotal role in Dungeon and Dragon world and each character just like a Background has its own attributes that help him stands out from the rest of the other characters.

Background at one end defines that what you character was in his past and how his status and his surroundings change his fate and paved the path for the one that he is today, but one should keep in mind that background does not influence the game it just provides the details of a Character.

Characters are unique; they are the complete individual having their own identity and motives. To understand and define a typical character there are different aspects of it that we need to look at to have a complete understanding of it.

Background and a character sometimes align perfectly for a character and to understand this we can take two examples one Charlatan and Solider like if you have selected the background of a Charlatan and your character that you are playing right now can also be a Charlatan.

Unlike Charlatan, the soldier background is different in the sense that when a Character has a soldier background he used to be a soldier in his past, and now he is not a soldier in his current state and is not working for an army.

For your character, you need to give a deep thought to it. You need to define its finest details; like what is the name of your Character? What it the Sex of your character? What high your Character is? And how much he/ she weighs?  All of these need a person’s consideration when creating a character because it gives life to your character and it the details of your character help your to envisage it and have a clear picture in your mind and in the mind of your Dungeon Master.

While on the other hand background does not require that many efforts of thinking and imagining the finest details like Character.

There are Backgrounds that are mentioned in the book and if one chooses to come up with the idea of the background it will definitely be much easier to have your own background rather than creating a character.

In the book, they have added nearly all the details of a background like Equipment, Tool proficiencies, Skill Proficiencies, languages, suggested characteristics, and variant if any. So, one not need to put time and effort into a Background and simply choose one from the Book.

To understand each background and to know more about you can simply go to our website and take a look at each one of the dnd background.

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