Word Legend Puzzle

Word legend is one of the most interesting games of all time especially when you’re bored and you want to do something productive. Apart from the interesting features of this game, it is quite helpful especially if you’re a student or a foreigner who is willing to learn English and want to increase vocabulary. It seems to be an addicting game but in general, it is very important to boost the brain and to think about new words.

Anyone who loves discovering new words in order to increase their English language skills then they are surely going to love this game. It is too attractive and tempting to be resisted and once you will play this game you will definitely love it on your first try. Simply, you are given 3 or more than 3 alphabets and you need to make as many words as to can by using those alphabets. The good thing about this game is that it can be downloaded in any version of your phone either Samsung, iOS or Android, etc. So, many people could get access to this game.

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Word Legend Game Features

The game is filled with so many interesting features that attract the player to play it once more and increases their intellectual level.

  • This game is based on levels. Each level consists of 5 chapters. As you’ll pass these 5 chapters you’ll get a chance to move to the next level.
  • The reward of the game is coins. As you’ll collect coins, you will be able to buy the hint marks.
  • The hint mark is available in this game, so if the player is unable to make words with the given alphabets then they can use the hint mark. If you’re playing for the first time, then the hint mark will be free but after that, it will cost you coins.
  • This game also has a mystery box that is boosted up after every 24 hours and if you’ll click on the mystery box then you’ll receive many coins as a reward.
  • The game is filled with a really nice background featuring grass and wood that looks so presentable and attractive to the players.
  • The game can never disappoint the player as it comes with calming music that is not harsh at all and the player enjoys the game a lot.
  • This game also gives options to earn more coins by watching certain videos.

Cross mode

Apart from the simple version of this game, it also serves a cross mode in which an alphabet is joined between two words making a specific word. It could be quite challenging but easy at the same time.


Just like Word legend puzzle game, a very similar game is available that is “Word Whomp” and includes so many interesting and tremendous features and benefits that cannot be resisted at all and you guys should definitely give it a shot if you’re looking for a nice word puzzle game.

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